About Us

Get ready to meet you tribe


Chill Momma is out to help you build your village!!! It seems to be a difficult thing to do these days, and we would love to be part of yours. 

We are an Okanagan based company made up of 2 Momma’s who started off by looking for our own village and met each other. Together we have a passion to support and empower Momma’s! 

Being a Momma is HARD WORK!! And we are here to help in so MANY ways.

From new Momma’s to Grand Momma’s, we do it ALL!  Even Dad’s and Grandpas too!!! Chill Momma does not discriminate, if someone wants to be part of the village to raise your little’s, we have a program to help support everyone involved.

We have teamed up with local businesses to bring you products and services that are easily accessible within your own community to make your life a little bit easier (because life is hard enough with having a little)! 

Chill Momma is so excited to offer you and your family a variety of programs that will be beneficial to every member of your tribe.

Chill Momma…YOU GOT THIS!


This parenting gig can be a little serious some days. Come join us for one of our group meet ups, mom and baby programs or our wine and paint nights! We want you to enjoy every moment of being a new momma

Education and support

We bring in businesses and services that share our values, so that you are always in the best hands and getting the best local services! They aim to educate you on parenting options and invite you to ask questions about how they can benefit you and your family