Momma Matters Too

Program dates TBD

This 6 week series is focused on supporting mom through the changes of being a new parent and offers mom some self care, guided by a Registered Clinical Councillor, we will help support you through the ups and downs of life as momma

- Mourning the loss of "freedom" and what the new freedom looks like 

- Self Image, Loving the new you, nursing bra and all!

- Relationships, Finding your "tribe" and having confidence in a world of outside judgement 

- Needs, We focus in on you! What do you need and how to ask for it

- Self Care, You may not be #1 anymore, but if you arent taking care of yourself everyone suffers, let us show you how 

- Sex, what's normal and what isnt. How to ease back in or find your new groove

During every class each mom will be treated to some self care, we will pamper you with hand and feet massages, make up tutorials, hair tutorials and lost more. 

CHILDCARE: On-site childcare can be provided, please let us know in advance if you need childcare, babies under 10 months welcome in the class.

Baby and Me Series

Program runs Wednesday 10am-12pm April 4th/11th/18th/25th May 2nd/9th/16th/23rd 

This 8 Week Series brings you together with other mom's looking to build lasting friendships and get some exciting knowledge about hot parenting topics and fun things to do with your baby. 

Each week you will meet with a local business or professional in their field who will bring fun and education about things like:

Healthy Sleep Practices 

Weaning to solids

Baby music classes

Infant massage

Oral Care

Pelvic floor health 

Infant Photography Session

Mom and baby fitness

Self Care

and many many more! 

Grandparent Bootcamp

Congratulations on becoming grandparents! Nothing brings more joy to life than the smell of a newborn and the innocence of a child creating mischief at grandma's house.

During this 2 hour group session we guide you on how to be a great source of wisdom, support and encouragement to the new parents whilst respecting boundaries and challenges of everyone finding their feet in their new roles. 

Parenting has evolved over the past 30 years, things like safe sleep practices, feeding and child safety have changed significantly. This class will teach you the newest information from 21st century parenting styles and refresh your confidence with up to date science based research in caring for a newborn. We cover bathing, diapering, feeding and healthy sleep habits and much more, our goal is to have you walk away feeling ready to welcome your grandchild into the world and enjoy all that being a grandparent has to offer.

Both Grandparents are able to attend. Private classes are available upon request. 

Daddy Bootcamp

Welcome to daddy-hood! This class is led by veteran dads, he will show you the ropes in the comfort of a guy only environment (can you hear the sounds of a bottle top popping off) there are no silly questions here. 

You will leave this class with the confidence to welcome your beautiful newborn into the world and have a great foundation for caring for your family. We will teach you how to support your partner in the journey to navigating her new role and arm you with solutions to troubleshoot common issues new parents face. 

This 2hr class addresses, diapering, bathing, supporting mom through postpartum recovery and much much more.

Private classes are available upon request

Toddler and Me Series


Baby First Aid