Meet The Team

Ashley Lohse - Director


I’m Ashley Lohse, and I have a passion for newborns, chubby little cheeks, and growing families. I worked as a professional nanny for seven years and helped hundreds of families find balance and support as parents, but nothing could have fully prepared me to have a child of my own. In 2014, we welcomed our little girl Hadley into the world and I was so tiered and so overwhelmed. 

I LOVE being a mother, it was everything i hoped and more, but at times it could be lonely and hard to maintain those existing friendships i had nurtured for years. Whilst wading through the sea of parenting advice i went in search of my "tribe", the ladies that would support my parenting journey, my parenting choices and offer lasting friendship and support.  

I often found it hard to find the information i didnt know i needed (who knew about a 4month sleep regression before it happened?!). We put so much emphasis on birth and in reality i needed to be prepared for what came next. 

After a battle with sleep challenges i hired a professional Sleep Trainer who coached me through teaching my daughter healthy sleep habits and my world was changed forever. So passionate about the positive effects a happy well rested baby had on me as a mother, I trained as a Sleep Consultant in the fall of 2016 to bring families much needed sleep and understanding developmentally what is going on with their baby. After working with 100’s of families across the globe, one of which was Amy Litster, this powerhouse mom-trepreneur and i hit it off from the get go. After sleep training her son, we become friends with a mission, to educate and support new moms, dads and grandparents as they embark on this fun journey and get back to "the village" mentality of raising children. You are NOT alone, you do NOT have to feel judged, you just need to find your tribe. 

Feelings of alienation, failure, frustration, and sleep deprivation harm your relationships and get in the way of your experience as a parent, I learnt that first hand. There is so much controversy in parenting, to many well-meaning friends and family offering conflicting advice, so i added Potty Training, Maternity Nurse and Infant Nutrition to my scope of expertise to help coach families through the most common parent complaints, with life-changing solutions that build your confidence as a parent. I want you to be the best you can be, all whilst honouring your own parenting style and philosophy. 

Amy Litster - Director


Hi Momma’s!!

I’m Amy! I am a born and raised Okanagan girl (and proud of it!!). My Fiancé and I have a wonderful, busy, rambunctious, handsome little boy who is 1 and a half that goes by the name Tyler! (Yes, I am that annoyingly proud Momma!!!) We also have two amazing dogs, Cooper and Bentley; needless to say, I find myself always surrounded by boys!!! 

I absolutely ADORE being a Momma, but that is only a PART of who I am!! Yup, I am a working Momma. I am a Registered Professional Counsellor and own/operate Interactive Counselling Ltd.  I thrive off of helping others work through issues, deal with stressors, and live a healthy and happy life.

When I became a Momma I was quick to realize that I had no “village” or significant support system. My Fiancé was home with me, but he was a new Dad and we were figuring out how to be new parents together. And let’s be honest, sometimes your spouse is who causes you stress so when you have no support system it can be SUPER hard!!! Long story short, when I was exhausted from the long nights and failed attempts at my sleep training, I bit the bullet. I hired Ashley to help me sleep train my son. Little did I know that was the first step to building my village.

Ashley being the kind, compassionate, straight shooter she is, supported me through this step of parenthood. It was almost an “ah ha” moment for me. I didn’t have to do this all alone.

Our personalities went well together and we found ourselves speaking often about our passion for helping Moms, how it is the hardest job in the WORLD, and how so much judgment comes along with being a Momma. 

We want Momma’s to support Momma’s. To recognize that it’s OK to ask for help, to not be perfect, and to be honest. We want to help you build your village and become part of it! Hence the beginning of Chill Momma!!!

People are better than no people, but make sure it’s the RIGHT people that you have in your tribe. Remember you don’t have to have the exact same views on parenting, but it is important to respect one another. We hope to have the opportunity to support you and help you find members for your tribe!

Remember, no matter what anyone says Momma…..YOU GOT THIS!